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SPETECH - Badania labolatoryjne

Sealing Materials Research Laboratory

The testing laboratory that is a part of the SPETECH company was founded in 1997 as an independent facility operating mostly for the purposes of its parent company. In the beginning,  the testing activity was based on ASTM standards and finding m and y factors based on the ASTM F586 standard. The above factors are used in calculation methods for flange screw joints in line with ASME Code s. VIII.

Successively, new test stands were introduced.  These include a relaxation and creep testing stand in line with ASTM F38-00 B, a compressibility and recovery testing stand in line with ASTM F36 and a stand for the determination of leakage in line with DIN 28090-2 (withdrawn and replaced by rigs to EN 13555). The newest element is a test stand for gasket tests based on EN 13555:2014. This standard is currently the newest standard relating to the determination of factors for the calculations of flanged joints in line with EN 1591-1:2014 and …/2009.  Using the descriptions provided in these two standards allows to employ safe and effective design methods of flanged joints.  As the EN 1591-1 is a harmonized standard, the calculation procedure does not have to be approved in a notified unit.

Our laboratory conducts research and tests also outside its premises, executing our clients' orders directly on the installations. Currently, we offer services related to the determination of helium leakage on parts of pipelines or pressure vessels.
We also have a recognized procedure for checking the correctness of safety valve settings. The test is performed directly on the installation without the need to dismantle the valve.

For many years, the laboratory for gasket material testing has been operating in accordance with an implemented, applied and updated quality management system based on the requirements of the PN/EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard, the DT-L/95 technical specification issued by the Bureau of Technical Inspections and the LAB-WT-01 TÜV Rheinland instruction.

The laboratory has the Laboratory Certificate of:

  • The Polish Bureau of Technical Inspections – No. LB-124/02-16

The laboratory is a recognized contractor of:

  • TÜV Rheinland – No. 210/A13/5952

The laboratory is equipped with all necessary resources and a qualified staff conducting the testing projects in line with the binding procedures. Due to the fact that SPETECH is the parent company of the laboratory, the conducted research is focused mainly on the gasket solutions manufactured by the company. The test results are reflected in SPETECH publications – especially the characteristics of the gaskets provided by the company.

Most of the resulting data is used in the EUROPARTNER® software database and published in special folders of SPETECH as well as its website.

The test results of the gaskets offered by SPETECH are also published at the website of the Center of Sealing Technologies at the Munster University of Applied Science.

The laboratory for gasket material testing is one of few European and global laboratories dealing with the testing of the structures and materials used in sealing technologies. With the long-standing experience of the laboratory staff and the equipment at the lab’s disposal, the plant continues to be one of the most modern and influential laboratories in the world.

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